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Some TV downloads left on raw(?) format


First post, and I am definitely a novice with get_iplayer...

Most of the downloads I request are successful and result in a single file with a .ts suffix.
Some, however, are apparently completed OK, but the result is two files with suffixes of .m4a and .m4v. (is this 'raw' format?)

As far as I can tell, there's a tool called ffmpeg that could be used to merge the files into a usable video file, but nearly everything I've read assumes a *nix environment (and requisite knowledge of that), whereas I'm working with Win10.

On occasion, I found that if I try to download the same programme with --force at a later date then everything works as usual.

Is there any way to get iplayer to automatically perform the required 'merging' of the m4a and m4v files?



I just love ffmpeg. It seems to just about everything. I tend to use it on Linux as I get more predictable results with more complex options but it works very well (as GIP demonstrates) under MS windows.

You can mux them into a single mp4  file using ffmpeg if they are in sync

ffmpeg -i video.m4v -i audio.m4a -acodec copy -vcodec copy converted.mp4

will probably work

Lots more detail at

lots of examples


You do not say novice how you installed to windows.

I use the .exe installer (Latest is get_iplayer-3.24.0-setup.exe) and this installs everything required including ffmpeg. (AFAICS)

When I download something either with the command line or the PVR, GiP produces .mp4 TV downloads and .m4a audio downloads. I sometimes get .ts files left as well as the mp4 but I just delete them. I have never seen a TV download fail leaving m4a and m4v.

These forums are archived

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