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Radio now downloads at 96kbps - previously 320kbps


First post, hope it's okay...

gip v3.24, Win 7, fibre to the cabinet (talktalk), 72Mbps connection (download rate).

Since just after Christmas, all radio has downloaded at 96kbps. Same with gip v3.23.

I d/l via cmd window, with;

get_iplayer -g [cached programme number] or [--pid=] --type=radio --command-radio="ffmpeg -loglevel error -i \""<filename>"\" -c:v copy -c:a libmp3lame -b:a 160k -id3v2_ version 3 - write _id3v1  1 -y \""<dir>/<fileprefix>.mp3"\"" --o=e:\bbcradio\

(to copy tagging info to the mp3) (this doesn't copy the Lyrics though; any hints please...?)

To test, I have tried get_iplayer -g --pid=b068td6z --force --o=e:\bbcradio\ , from which a file that downloaded 320kbps, 32.7Mb on 27.12.2019 now downloads 96kbps, 9.85Mb. I have also tried including -- radiomode best and dafhigh, no difference.

I did send a question to BBC Sounds asking whether bitrates had been reduced; the reply was that a number of random programmes had been checked and all were streaming at 320kbps. I did not however say that this was a problem for me when downloading using gip......

I have checked --prefs added ('options'), I only have nopurge 1, and refreshexcludegroups bbc radio 3, and the like.

Has anyone else had the same experience please?

Regards, thehod


I do not see that problem despite a similar download pattern. My consumption is primarily radio, the raw download is m4a at 320k and I have a commandradio to produce mp3 at 160k which my playback device can handle. This is on Arch Linux but capabilities should be the same on Win 7.


explains how to use the radiomode parameter to achieve the desired kbps

320 kbps get_iplayer --prefs-add --radiomode=best default
128 kbps get_iplayer --prefs-add --radiomode=better
96 kbps get_iplayer --prefs-add --radiomode=good
48 kbps get_iplayer --prefs-add --radiomode=worst


@thehod, are you facing this issue from within the UK?

I'm living on the continent, and 96kbps is the best bitrate I can get since early December 2019. Before then, programmes were available at 320kbps even from abroad.


Thank you petef and 

To joh - yes, I am in the UK.

With much embarrassment, I have found that the problem was of my own making, caused by the use of something that I cannot mention here...  ;) 

I could explain further but in view of the Forum Rules, I fear I should not. 

p-m by email outside of the Forum is fine for those interested, thanks (provided I have set things correctly - as above, very much a new user...!).

These forums are archived

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