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List of programme versions


Happy Christmas all!

How do I discover a list of currently valid programme version types? I've searched here and the Wiki and the only references to --versions are comments that BBC occasionally add a new type, and a couple of examples of some useful ones. (For example, threads 2018 & 2068.)

Here's my thing: I mostly download radio and prefer the podcast versions (frequently extended or with additional information) so I know it may be "deprecated" but I have a script that specifies --versions=podcast,original,default

This mostly works OK (even with few TV searches I also have in the list) to the extent that occasionally a programme will be downloaded with the version "editorial" which is clearly the default in that instance.

However, there are some times that it doesn't work and the default version isn't set by the Beeb so no version is downloaded. It happened with the last episode S8E8 of Call the Midwife. Much hunting later I discovered that the episode is called "technical" -- a new one on me (I think it didn't work because "default" is for radio not TV, and for "technical reasons" the "original" version of the episode is no longer available).

Other version types I've seen mentioned are shortened,lengthened,legal,podcast2,podcast<n>

Can I not obtain a current list from somewhere so that I can put all the sensible ones in my --versions list while retaining my desire to have podcast or extended versions as the preferred download?

Thanks for any pointers.


Not a good idea, and completely unnecessary. All you need is --versions=podcast,default. TV programmes don't have podcast versions, so there will be no confusion with radio programmes. Yours is one of the rare cases where --versions is even useful.

These forums are archived

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