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Per documentation, use --cache-rebuild to restore TV cache


I have installed get_iplayer in Ubuntu via the manual method.

I refresh the radio listings cache and it gives me 47868 episodes with 17868 programmes.

If I do the same for the tv listings, it only gives me 57 items!

46:    The Dog Ate My Homework: Series 7 - Alexandra v Brochan, CBBC, m000cgmc
47:    The Planets: Series 1 - Life Beyond the Sun: Saturn, BBC Two, p06qj348
48:    The Planets: Series 1 - Into the Darkness: Ice Worlds, BBC Two, p06qj389
49:    The Reith Lectures: 2019 - In Praise of Politics, BBC Parliament, m0006jvr
50:    The Travel Show - Going Wild in Malaysia, BBC News, m000cwt1
51:    Tinga Tinga Tales: Series 2 - Why Meerkat Is Always on the Lookout, CBeebies, b0102jml
52:    Topsy and Tim: Series 2 - Birthday Party, CBeebies, b04kkj1m
53:    Topsy and Tim: Series 2 - First Day, CBeebies, b04kklnt
54:    Waffle the Wonder Dog: Series 3 - Waffle's Great Escape, CBeebies, m0003wr3
55:    What's the Big Idea? - Love, CBeebies, b03bwp7s
56:    Where in the World?: Series 1 - Mario, Angel and Anushka: Mario Tries to Catch a Fish, CBeebies, b08wr0jx
57:    Y Fets: Cyfres 2018 - Pennod 1, S4C, p0685jnd
INFO: 57 matching programmes

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.



Solved by rebuilding the cache fully...

$ get_iplayer --cache-rebuild --type=tv,radio

These forums are archived

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