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How to clean up get_(-)iplayer installation in Mint


I've just had my gluteus maximus kicked in this forum because I screwed up the installation of the 'get*iplayer' software. I would like to plead ignorance/incompetence as well as being guilty., but I didn't think there were minimum standards of technical competence required before one could use either get*iplayer.

Now I need to remove multiple versions of get*iplayer - possibly get_iplayer 3.20 and certainly the snap version of get-iplayer 3.22, but I'm quite sure I don't know how to do this - to get a completely "get*iplayer-free" system before attempting to install the non-snap version of get_iplayer 3.22 (assuming that I can find a binary version somewhere). I don't want to get into the position of  having traces of get*iplayer left on my system before trying this re-install, coming back to the forum for help and getting kicked in the rear again for incompetence (or perhaps I have already done that  in this post ....).

Any advice on how to do the clean-up? I'm running Mint 19.2 Cinnamon.


I don't use snaps, but generically, you can find out what snap packages are installed using
$ snap list
and to remove a snap you do
$ sudo snap remove <package>
if you get stuck with snaps you'll probably have to seek help elsewhere.

similarly, to find and remove more conventional packages, do something like this:
$ apt list --installed | grep iplayer
and if you find get-iplayer, you can remove it using
$ sudo apt purge get-iplayer

(purge rather than remove cleans out any configuration files as well)

I'd then suggest you do
$ which get_iplayer
and see if get-iplayer is still in your path somewhere, and if it is, start removing those. Search for
get-iplayer, get_iplayer, get_iplayer_web_pvr and get-iplayer-web-pvr. If you do find these, you might want to have a poke around for any related files you installed.

in your home directory have a look for the directory .get_iplayer - this contains your configuration - delete what you don't want. If you're not sure and want a clean install, you can either delete the whole directory or just rename it.

You should now be in a place where you have cleaned out all the old versions of get-iplayer. You now need to decide whether to use the snap version (I can't help with this, sorry), or the conventional repository in launchpad. Or do something on your own, which I can't recommend but some people have great success with.

See for pointers to packages.

If you kept any of your previous configuration, I'd suggest you do
$ get-iplayer --cache-rebuild
to ensure that the programme cache is up to date. It'll take a while.

Hope this helps


Thank you very much for this advice. It is not only consistent with the previous telling-off I got - especially on the subject of using snaps -  but also set at a technical level which correlates well with my own (limited) knowledge, intellectual capability and confidence.

I'll give it all a try.

These forums are archived

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