suggestion when saving searches in web PVR
Looking at TV schedules, I noted another TV program scheduled for tonight: proms again on BBC4. OK I though, I can get round that by searching for channel BBC Radio 3 rather than program type radio.
I created a new search. I saved it. The new search simply replaced the old one which actually was probably what I needed to do but ...
It's possible someone might want 2 searches using similar criteria - but maybe on different channels.
My suggestion is that get_iplayer should detect the existing search, and create a new one with a different name e.g.
prom_name_radio (existing search)
prom1_name_radio (new search)
Subsequently, both would appear in the PVR list, allowing the user to review / edit / delete / retain one or the other.
Best if get_iplayer doesn't silently over-write existing searches? It won't over-write existing downloads unless forced. What do you think?
Sorry, no. If you couldn't overwrite existing searches there would be no way to modify them with get_iplayer. If you want naming flexibility, use the CLI. The Web PVR could be smarter about naming, but it will never receive any improvements unless somebody takes it off our hands. It only persists because get_iplayer would likely have few Windows users without it.
OK I take your point about web PVR's status within the project, and I realise I can do all needed PVR stuff from the command line. I can also use explorer or cmd to copy / paste searches - to create something like prom1_name_radio. And I can edit either of those if I subsequently run web PVR. But that's because I haven't messed with the search name :-) (I looked at the code and the saved search name construction)
I have done exactly that: copied prom_name_radio and pasted it as prom1_name_radio; edited some details of both of these from within web PVR, which remains unconfused about the existence of each. Just 2 files on the pvr folder, 2 searches within PVR list, or 2 searches from the command line.
However all of that's moot if web PVR is no longer to be developed: I have guessed the numbers using web PVR are low.

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