[FIXED] TV programme with version=legal not detected when "default" in --versionlist
Programme "Animal Park Summer Special Eps 3" has failed to download for me over the past 5 days (it appeared in the cache on 8-August).  Today I decided to investigate further.  A quick manual GiP specifying --versions default,signed,audiodescribed reported in the output:

INFO: Getting stream data for version: 'legal'
INFO: No versions of this programme were selected (available versions: legal)

So I duly added legal to the version option:

--versions legal,default,signed,audiodescribed  --pid m0007f91

and it worked ok.  I've never seen a "legal" before...

Version names can change at the BBC's whim. You don't need to specify "legal" unless your settings are messed up [Correction: You do need to specify "legal" if you have specified --versions explicitly]. You should never use --versions unless you need to indicate a preference for signed or audiodescribed versions of programmes.

EDIT: Not a bug, but get_iplayer probably needs to be more flexible dealing with unknown version names.

Thanks for the hint about not using --versions.  My wrapper script started life in Oct 13 and I suspect that I discovered that it worked ok with --versions default.  Later on I added signed and AD because sometimes I came too late to the party and the "normal" version had expired, so to avoid missing an episode/programme, I was prepared to have a signed (or AD) version.  In fact, now that expiration times have extended, I don't think I've needed to watch a signed or AD programme for quite some time, so I can just safely (and quietly) follow your recommendation and delete the option.

Thanks again for your sterling work in keeping this program on the road. I appreciate it very much.

For such cases, the workaround for now would be to make two download passes: first without --versions, then with --versions=signed,audiodescribed. The second pass will display warnings that programmes downloaded in first pass already exist, but won't overwrite them by default.
BTW, "legal" seems to mean that the programme has been edited in some way because of legal issues - e.g. where the BBC doesn't have the rights to broadcast music anymore (so no Neil Young in the Singer/Songwriters programme).
Fixed in v3.22

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