Problem downloading certain programmes
I'm having problems downloading Rip off Britain from last Thursday (Episode 9). This episode is still available on iPlayer for another 13 days and plays without problems. If I try to download it however I get told "No programmes are available for this pid with version(s): default"

This is the default version that's actually on iPlayer though.

It is no longer in the get_iplayer cache so i use "get_iplayer --pid=b04jtmbc --get"

I'm then told there are no programmes available for it.

If I try with --info on the end it can't even show me that!

Any ideas why this is or a way around it?

Have noticed recently that series stacked programmes aren't always staying in the cache for the duration of the series like they used to but can still usually be downloaded using the PID.

The programme metadata used by get_iplayer doesn't match the iPlayer site. It's telling iPlayer that particular episode is not yet available, which clearly isn't true. Maybe you just need to wait a few days and it will get corrected. I don't know of a workaround except to assemble the rtmpdump command manually, but we can't support you in that - this is a BBC problem, not a get_iplayer problem. I'll tell you this much: 1) if you download a recent episode with
you'll see the full rtmpdump command used dumped into the output. You can use that as a guide to assemble a command for the problem episode; 2) The necessary parameters for all its streams can be found here:
Hi Dinky Pumpkin,
Thanks for your reply.

Have just run an episode using
and I would have absolutely no idea how to assemble a command from that output, where to start from or anything.

Is it fairly simple to put a command together for something like this?

Is the metadata problem something that is likely to affect the BBC in any way that they find it and fix it or is it just us that suffer from the problems with it? Can you let them know there is a problem? This must be down to a recent change the BBC have made because it used to work fine. Can get_iplayer not be changed to use the same metadata as the iPlayer site uses to avoid this problem?
Ignore my earlier suggestion then. We're not in the business of supporting rtmpdump (there are other sites for that), and there is no guarantee it would work. Just wait awhile to see if they fix things. Admittedly, that's not terribly likely, and they won't be disposed to change anything just because get_iplayer can't access an episode.

The iPlayer site is a very different beast. To access even some of the site's data, get_iplayer would have to scrape every single episode page in advance, or scrape episode pages on demand. Neither is practical or desirable. It would basically defeat the purpose of get_iplayer. Besides, this is an exceptionally rare circumstance.
Please can you suggest a good place to go for rtmpdump supprt?

Quote:It would basically defeat the purpose of get_iplayer
For people who know what they are doing it might but for people like me who wouldn't know how to do it any other way it wouldn't :)

Hopefully this is an exceptional circumstance as I haven't come accross it before but it depends what caused it I suppose. If they have changed something it might become more of a regular occurrence.

Do you think this is more likely to be a glitch in the system than a developing problem?

I know there was an outage yesterday evening for a good few hours so maybe it could be linked to that in some way although the programme had been on in the morning a week earlier so didn't hit its 7 days during that outage or anything.
It could very possibly be a glitch related to the outage. Maybe a database wasn't updated - there is no way to know.

"Support" was the wrong word to use about rtmpdump. rtmpdump is completely unsupported software. You will find some examples of how it is used at places like:

Otherwise, Google may be your friend. You can also post to the get_iplayer mailing list to see if someone there will give you the command.

One final hint before I sign off this thread: The line you're looking for in the verbose log begins with "DEBUG: RTMPDump command:", followed by the rtmpdump you can use as a template.

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