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Failed to download JSON PID info


Can not download any radio programme. Have tried the following formats:

$ get_iplayer --pid=m0005lz2 --type=radio
$ get_iplayer

MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6
get_iplayer 3.12-homebrew

It appears get_iplayer cannot download the correct JSON file. But trying the URL in my browser it does find it. I believe it's due to the JSON path being HTTPS rather than HTTP. `` is a 301 redirects to `'.

Is there a way to configure get_iplayer to download from the JSON data or handle the 301?

get_iplayer Output:

WARNING: Failed to download JSON PID info:
WARNING: Could not determine PID type (m0005lz2). Trying to record PID directly.
INFO: 0 matching programmes
WARNING: Could not download programme metadata from
ERROR: Failed to get version PID metadata from iPlayer site (JSON)
WARNING: No programmes are available for this PID with version(s): default
WARNING: You have programmes over 30 days old that should be deleted.
WARNING: Find them with 'get_iplayer --history --before=720'
WARNING: or use the 'Recordings' tab in the Web PVR Manager.
WARNING: Use 'get_iplayer --purge-files' to delete all programmes over 30 days old.
WARNING: Use 'get_iplayer --prefs-add --no-purge' to suppress this warning.


These forums are archived

See this post for further info