An interface to the PVR
Hats off to the original get_iplayer team and to those who have picked up the baton and are maintaining it. Get_iplayer does what it says "on the tin" and does it well. I run mine on a RaspberryPI and using the web interface is slow.
I decided to create a small windows based interface to the PVR service. This takes advantage of the very excellent BBC site to find programmes (radio and tv) and then to drag and drop or copy and paste the location link to prepare the PVR to record the programme.
The programme called PVRset1 is a windows exe file and can be downloaded from

PVRset1 relies on a fully working get_iplayer and specifically the PVR service that will check for new requests at a regular interval. On my PI system a cron job runs the PVR every 20 minutes.

The first time it is run it will create the few files it needs including an .ini file. This INI file can be edited to establish the correct location of the PVR folder of the get_iplayer installation. The INI file can be changed to alter the default "always on top" setting.

I hope this is of use
Here is the link
Following the major change that the BBC has made to the iplayer system I have updated pvrset1. I suggest that it is placed in the get_iplayer/pvr directory. There is now a bash script that converts the file created by pvrset1 to a get_iplayer --pid command line. It works for tv and radio but I have my doubts about the drag and drop functionality which is not reliable in WIN7.
The bash script should be run as a cron job, but of course it could be run manually. I suggest this file is also put in the get_iplayer/pvr directory.
Feedback welcome
The current version ( is a win exe file but will produce the commands for get_iplayer running under Linux or Win