v3.20: BBC Scotland programmes missing from search results
The new channel was only introduced yesterday and I am wondering whether it is GIP or BBC that is stopping programmes from appearing in the search results - or is it me?
I updated to 3.20 but I am unable to download any programme from the new BBC Scotland channel.
Can somebody help please?
Follow our instructions to provide a proper report so we can see what is happening on your system.
Also got the same problem on windows 10

typed in :
get_iplayer --get "still game"
get_iplayer 3.20.0-MSWin32, Copyright (C) 2008-2010 Phil Lewis
This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details use --warranty.
This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain
conditions; use --conditions for details.

INFO: 0 matching programmes

The new episode was shown on sunday and is available at

tried the verbose log but it didn't work

an I putting it in wrong?
get_iplayer --get "still game" --verbose > c:\users\cailean2k\Desktop\iPlayer Recordings\log.txt 2>&1
No verbose log, no clue. Re-read the instructions.
(27-02-2019, 07:56 PM)dinky Wrote: No verbose log, no clue. Re-read the instructions.

That was why I asked you what I was doing wrong with my verbose log comand
I changed the directory and then it worked for the log

get_iplayer Output:

get_iplayer 3.20.0-MSWin32, Copyright (C) 2008-2010 Phil Lewis
 This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details use --warranty.
 This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain
 conditions; use --conditions for details.

INFO: Start: 2019-02-27T19:20:27 (1551295227)
INFO: encodinglocale = cp1252
INFO: encodinglocalefs = cp1252
INFO: encodingconsoleout = cp850
INFO: encodingconsolein = cp850
INFO: Profile dir: C:\Users\cailean2k\.get_iplayer
INFO: User options file: C:\Users\cailean2k\.get_iplayer\options
INFO: System options file: C:\ProgramData\get_iplayer\options
Current options:
encodingconsolein = cp850
encodingconsoleout = cp850
encodinglocale = cp1252
encodinglocalefs = cp1252
get = 1
verbose = 1

INFO: Search args: 'still game'
INFO: Most recent addition (tv) = 2019-02-27T17:56:18+00:00 (1551290178)
INFO: Got 7828 file cache entries for tv
DEBUG: Cache expiry time for tv is 14400 secs - refresh in 9365 secs
INFO: Search term 'still game' is a substring
DEBUG: Search download_regex = still game
DEBUG: Search channel_regex = .*
DEBUG: Search category_regex = .*
DEBUG: Search exclude_regex = ^ROGUE$
DEBUG: Search channel_exclude_regex = ^ROGUE$
DEBUG: Search category_exclude_regex = ^ROGUE$
DEBUG: Search since =
DEBUG: Search before =
DEBUG: Search available_since =
DEBUG: Search available_before =
DEBUG: Search expires_after =
DEBUG: Search expires_before =

INFO: 0 matching programmes
INFO: Loaded history for first check.
INFO: Loading recordings history
Try this: get_iplayer --refresh --refresh-include="BBC Scotland" --refresh-limit=30 This will index and cache all available BBC Scotland programmes. Ignore any 404 errors.
Just to say it certainly isn't a universal problem. I have the new channel in my 3.20 cache on Win 10
It boils down to this: If you updated your cache this week before upgrading to v3.20, get_iplayer won't by default go back and re-index last week's programmes, including Sunday's launch night programmes on BBC Scotland. That's what the command in my previous post does. New users won't notice, but this will be a potential issue for anyone upgrading to v3.20 or higher. It only matters if you are actually searching for BBC Scotland programmes, and there won't be very many of those compared to the national channels. Plus, you never need to be able to search for a programme to download it. The required corrective has been added to the release notes, so I'm closing this thread.

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