is the likely to be an Android APK in the making?
The title says it all really.
Will there ever be, or indeed, is there, an Android APK of get_iplayer?
If not, it'd be interesting to know why. Or is it simply just because there's no one doing it?
Thanks in advance for all and any replies as it's something I've long puzzled over.
I haven't tested this, but depending on what you're looking to do you might be interested in the Termux app and running get-iplayer from that.
Termux? I'll do a search for it and see what it is. An emulator/virtual OS environment?
Thanks. Will go find out what ot is.
(10-02-2019, 08:11 PM)weakice Wrote: I haven't tested this, but depending on what you're looking to do you might be interested in the Termux app and running get-iplayer from that.

Installed twenux which is runbing beautifully. However, when i ran pkg install get_player, it goes thru the motions (dependencies etc) then says get_iplayer not found. Tried searching (pkg search get_iplayer) then running install agaon. But no joy.
If anyone can suggest a command that'll helo success?
Thanks weekice tho, i thibk this apo will be very useful foe other things!
So get_iplayer is in the termux repository, I wasn't expecting that!

I keep Termux installed because it seems like it should be incredibly useful, but I've never actually found something to use it for.

For finding where it's put the get_iplayer script you could try this:
Quote:Termux installs its packages in a folder exposed through the $PREFIX environment variable (with e.g. binaries in $PREFIX/bin, and configuration in $PREFIX/etc).

from here:

Or otherwise, now that the dependencies are installed, just wget the latest get_iplayer script into your home directory and run that?
The latest wget? I'm really gonna have to do a refresher.
I no longer have my linux/ubuntu note book.
An example script would be lovely.
But thanks anyhow.
Will try proot thing.
Am wondering if i need to root the android, which means going thru all the crap root apps (without pc) to get it rooted?
You shouldn't need root for Termux.

In Termux try this to download the get_iplayer script:

might need to make it executable:
chmod +x ./get_iplayer

and then something like this to run it:
Thanks for that, but result is: "can't execute 'perl': no such file or directory"
Incidentally, i get a similar fail when i try to do the termux-ubuntu thing too.
So far, nothing actually seem to be able to run on teemux further than initial scripts completing, and once apparently downloaded, unpacked and installed, it can't find anything!
So guessing as a non-expert, that termux filing system differs from the "norm"?

But nothing at all ever works on it, and certainly not getting get_iplayer to run.
Yeah, sorry, I've just tried this myself and Termux doesn't make it easy. I got as far as Perl starting the get_iplayer script, but there are missing dependencies that don't install correctly.

Depending on what you're trying to do your next best option might be to run get_iplayer on a server somewhere and automatically sync the downloaded files to Android using an app like FolderSync or Syncthing.

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