In XP programme suddenly cant find pvr_manage.url

Been using getplayer smoothly for months, but suddenly a few months ago i got this message 'cant find pvr_manage.url'

I checked the folder and the file is there, but the command keeps coming up and getplayer doesnt proceed

i've tried editing the cmd file to point to the actual url in the url shortcut file, but it doesnt work. probably cos that's not the way to do it.

Have also tried loading the latest version, same issue crops up.

any ideas how to get it to recognise the file? It's there for sure. I am using Windows XP.


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No idea what you've done to your machine. Just dismiss the error message and open http://localhost:1935 in your browser. Try replacing the invocation of
in the batch file with
start http://localhost:1935
, which is functionally equivalent.

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