How do I download The Case of Charles Dexter Ward podcast?
Anyone spotted this? BBC kind of podcast

First episode is here

Searching though for that pid at least using PVR Manager 3.13.0 doesn't bring anything up, probably because it's not actually been broadcast and while they've created a podcast RSS for it, they haven't put any more than the trailer into that feed.

Is there any way of pointing GiP at it? I don't really want to have to stream it while audacity tries to capture what's been played and actually mangles things.
It may not help that you are using an old version of GiP

It certainly downloads for me on the command line using

get_iplayer --pid=p06spb8w --pid-recursive

Try updating to 3.17.0
Thanks, that does seem to be getting it. Alas, I am never sure what I'm doing with the command line gip.