Is HD stream available for Top of the Pops Christmas 2018?
Hi, I was wanting to keep a copy of this year's Christmas special ( but it looks like the best resolution available is 960x540, 25fps. Nothing better seems to be picked up on the iPlayer website or get_iplayer. I'm expecting the answer to be 'no', but have I missed anything, is there a 720p version somewhere?

I seem to remember this happening other years, yet looking back at last year I did appear to get a 720p version with get_iplayer. Is it just a rights thing? It always seemed odd to me as I would have thought it would be time limited more than resolution.
I can see some 704x396 at 50fps, but nothing with a resolution greater than 960x540 with 25fps. Does seem strange to do that with a new show.
Especially as it's mostly their own footage and not a bunch of music videos, except for the quick clips in the countdowns and the number one. (Apologies to dinky for the less than useful thread title.)

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