A History of Christianity ep 5-6 available as audiodescribed only (but not really AD)
I was happily recording "A History of Christianity" and had the first 4 episodes recorded ok. Now it seems that only audiodescribed is available for episodes 5 and 6, and get_iplayer does not record those automatically.

The pids are b00p5wrk and b00p90kk.
I recorded the audiodescribed versions using
get_iplayer --pid=b00p5wrk --version=audiodescribed
and it worked fine. In fact BETTER than fine, because it does NOT seem to be audiodescribed. The same is true of episode 6.

I have deleted and reset the tv cache.  Everything else works fine.  Is this a boob on the part of the BBC?
I had a similar issue with some episodes of "Two Pints of Lager...." on iplayer they are shown as audiodescribed so get_iplayer is displaying the correct information, it seems that it's a problem with the BBC.

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