ffmpeg command outputs to ".partial.mp4" - why?
Hi Guys

I am going through a lot of downloads that had an issue because of my ffmpeg installation.
I have fixed it and it works ok now.
I am manually running the ffmpeg command against the ".ts" files and it all seems to be working just fine.

The exact command I am using is taken from the get_iplayer logs, with all of the options. This includes naming the output file as ".partial.mp4".

My question is, why is it outputing to ".partial.mp4" and not ".mp4"?
On a related note, what further processing should I be doing to convert the ".partial.mp4" to ".mp4"?
I could simply re-name but the get_iplayer scripts must be doing something else?

Is it to do with AtomicParsley afterwards?

You don't need to use ".partial" to construct an intermediate file name if you're converting files outside of get_iplayer. Intermediate file is only renamed by get_iplayer upon successful conversion. Nothing to do with AtomicParsley.
Perfect. Thanks for the quick reply.

I will simply change my script!

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