Can't download defunct Highlands and Islands schedule page with obsolete get_iplayer
Failed to download schedule page:

Looking for ideas on how you over-ride this
You can't because that service ended on 31st July 2018. What version of GIP are you using, IIRC that was amended in a GIP update.
There was a fix for the Highlands and Islands schedule in version 3.17
I dont anything about highlands and islands. Are you saying I need to update Gip because I think I did that. I havent seen radio listings for a long time.

From the Release Notes (

"Removed BBC Radio Highlands and Islands schedule URLs (no longer available) from programme indexing. This will prevent unnecessary error messages during refresh."
I think I've discovred what's happening. The first page of listings is always TV for some reason but after that are the radio listings. Strange but true.

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