How do I find the series PID for Informer?
I thought this would download all six episodes but it only downloaded one episode,

get_iplayer --tvmode best --pid-recursive --pid p06lhrf9 --output d:\temp\tv

Did i get the series pid wrong ?

Do i find the series pid from the url on the iPlayer website

What is the official way of finding the series pid?
Yep, you got the series PID wrong, you used the PID for episode 6.

If you are at the iPlayer site and on the episode page, click the link for "Programme website". The URL of that page is and p06lh6tf is the series PID. You will find the whole series will now download if you use that PID instead of the one you used (with the exception of episode 6 as you have already downloaded that one).
Thanks Harry, That worked great. The link below will retrieve a new series called Killing Eve

get_iplayer --tvmode best --pid-recursive --pid p06jy6bc --output c:\tv