--pid-recursive not working with broken obsolete version of get_iplayer
Hi all.  Searching has revealed nothing to me specific to this fault, can anyone suggest some things that might be causing it?

I've just recognized that the reason I have recently been missing the very few TV programmes I record is that the Series or Brand PId's I have in my list for recording don't seem to be recognized as having any programmes associated with them.

(In addition to a few PVR entries, I have a couple batch files to automate grabbing those one-off PId's that take my interest in the iPlayer web pages...  Trouble is, because it is automated, I don't see when it says "0 total programmes" to me so I've missed a lot recently without realizing it :-[ )

So, for example, I run get_iplayer (or "Perl get_iplayer.pl" in my batch file) with --Hide --Versions=original,default --pid-recursive --pid=... with the following PId's on separate commandlines:

p06jy6bc (which is Killing Eve, that the BBC have decided to leave available as an entire series long-term, and to which I get the warning "INFO: 0 total programmes")
p0147qqb (Attenborough the Early Years, which is a single programme so --pid-recursive wouldn't be required even though it is specified, and which downloaded correctly)
p039wcdk (War and Peace, the recent series now available long-term, which gives the same warning)

What possible settings or options pref's might be causing this unexpected behaviour?  These are new entries in my lists so --Hide should not be having any impact, but I removed it temporarily just to test, with no joy.  I am baffled.  Any ideas?


P.S.  Using Windows get_iplayer 3.14.0 (with ffmpeg n3.1.2 but that's irrelevant at this point!)
Quote:Using Windows get_iplayer 3.14.0

Best to update the latest release to likely solve the issue - and read the 3.15 release notes for info:


(Not that 3.15 is the latest release, just likely relates to the issue you're having)
Well howz-about that then!  A known 'fault' (bless Aunty Beeb for keep-changing-things-to-make-our-life-hard) fixed by the very next version from what I was using...

Thank you very much for that quick simple solution :-) I'm now the proud owner of a shiny new 3.17.0.

As an aside/afterthought:  how do I purge from the cache/history a particular PId so that the package itself will download it again at the allocated time rather than me having to do it manually with --force?  I want to rid myself of a couple of weeks of downloads taking up way too much space in 50fps (that happened before I knew of the change, and came back here to find out what was happening, and added fps25 to my preferences) without doing every single one manually.  I wouldn't mind the work so much, except that some have now gone off iPlayer and I must wait for them to be repeated and grab them automatically when they appear (as they tend to every 3 or 6 months on BBC 4).

Is there a command I can't find that purges a specific download, or do I really have to scour the download_history or tv.cache manually and delete each entry? (And if so, do I have to do it in both files?)

Thank you for your time either way...

(31-10-2018, 11:49 PM)Dranok Wrote: do I really have to scour the download_history or tv.cache manually and delete each entry?
Or use --force, which can be saved in pvr searches as well, though you would want to remove it once you have the desired programmes. Use --overwrite to replace files if you don't delete them directly.
(31-10-2018, 11:49 PM)Dranok Wrote:  (And if so, do I have to do it in both files?)
Don't touch cache files. They have nothing to do with this.

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