Stop get_iplayer renaming temp output file upon completion when using --raw
Sorry if this has been asked before somewhere but I can't find the info I need.
I'm using get-iplayer on Linux, but I guess this is a general question and not platform specific.
I want get-iplayer to download and keep the filename unchanged upon completion of downloading (so the name normally seems to end ".video.ts")
I'm using the --raw option to prevent conversion to mp4 but the filename still gets changed (the .video postfix is removed).
I want the file to remain unchanged because I'm copying the file as it is being downloaded. This causes issues when the filename changes after completion, but otherwise works fine.

Please help!

Sorry, no. You can hack your copy of get_iplayer however you like, or else try youtube-dl.
If you open the file as it is being downloaded then your file descriptor should remain valid even when other programs (get_iplayer) rename it.
Haven't heard of youtube-dl before, I'll look into it. I know Python so should be easier to hack than perl, if necessary.

It does cause problems as I'm using rsync to copy the file as it's being downloaded - when the name is changed, rsync stops downloading the old filename and restarts the new named file from the beginning.

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