BBC multiple PIDs for same(?) programme
So, I've had a couple of episodes of things turn up recently that I'd already watched/listened to. I assumed the first was just a random gremlin, but when the second turned up, I checked the download history and found the same thing had two different PIDs. Is this some sort of configuration problem at the BBC end or are they really different versions (the other episodes are unchanged)? Any else had this?

A Charles Paris Mystery: A Decent interval episode 3
Old download:
New download:

Note that both appear on the episodes guide at
Well spotted - that seems like a bungle by the BBC, one which they may tidy up in time.
We can complain about this kind of error using this labyrinthine form:
Click on iPlayer Radio.
(I've now submitted an error report to the BBC)
Well, it doesn't take much spotting - PVR'd programmes that I've already heard popping up in my folder again.

Just reported "Classic Albums, Dark Side of the Moon" as having the same issue.

Update: The reporting page for BBC radio bugs has just changed location to:

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