Bigger thumbnails..
This is my first post on a forum. I have read the rulebook and will adhere judiciously.

I usually get thumbnails with each download. However they are tiny 192x108px.  I note that each splash screen for a given program has a nice high quality picture on screen, a big version of the thumbnail. Checking the source code, the link for the image in the example below is in a very different location with a different "pid". In fact there is a choice of different picture sizes in various locations.

I wanted a visual "catalogue" or my downloads, and thumbnails are not adequate. I wondered if there was a way to code in an option to get a bigger picture? I am doing this manually at the moment.

I've not tried it, but it might be worth investigating the --thumbnail-size <width> option detailed in the Output Options section of

Thanks so much John. I should have experimented with this option - it works brilliantly.
I've added this to my preferences
thumbsize = 1920
I guess this will find the biggest picture available, bearing in mind the file size will be approx. 200k, so it's not really a "thumbnail".