Downloading without Subtitles
I'm running get_iplayer 3.17.0 from a Windows 7 command prompt.

To download the audiodescribed version audio for a programme I'd already downloaded, I used the command:
C:>get_iplayer --versions audiodescribed --audio-only --no-metadata ^
 --no-subtitles --no-subs-raw --no-tracklist --no-credits --no-tag ^
 --no-thumb --raw --pid b0bcqwn5
All the --no-xxx commands were to overide my default options. (Looking at it now, the use of --no-tag was redundant with --raw being specified.)

This downloaded the dubbed audio-described audio with the following

get_iplayer Output:

Our Girl - Nigeria, Belize and Bangladesh Tours, Episode 8, BBC One, b0bcqwn5
INFO: 1 total programmes

WARNING: A UK TV licence is required to access BBC iPlayer TV content legally
INFO: Downloading tv: 'Our Girl: Nigeria, Belize and Bangladesh Tours - 8. Episode 8 (b0bcqwn5) [audiodescribed]'
INFO: Downloaded: 58.74 MB (00:56:39) @ 2.54 Mb/s (hvfxsd1/bi) [audio]
INFO: Subtitles not available for version(s): audiodescribed
The last line is telling. get_iplayer appears to have attempted to download subtitles, ignoring the --no-subtitles or --no-subs-raw (or both) options. Since no subtitles were available for this version, none were downloaded, but surely get_iplayer shouldn't have attempted to download subtitles in this case. Is this a bug, a non-supported feature, or am I doing something wrong?
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Thanks dinky. The example I gave is a genuine one, but does not explain my question very clearly. The question I was really asking was as follows.

Why did get_iplayer report there were no subtitles available? Given the command line options there was no need for get_iplayer to look for subtitles.

Expected behaviour:
  1. with both --no-subtitles and --no-subs-raw in effect (the built-in defaults), get_iplayer does not need to look for subtitles to download and save;
  2. with --type=radio, --raw or --audio-only in effect, --no-subs-embed should be implied.
  3. with --no-subs-embed in effect, get_iplayer does not need to look for nor download subtitles for adding as a stream in the mp4 container.
When both conditions 1 and 3 are met, I would not expect get_iplayer to look for, download nor report on subtitles. The last line of the get_iplayer output of my original post, reporting on the unavailability of subtitles, was unexpected.

Sometime over the next few weeks I'll find a couple of better examples and post a proper report here attaching verbose get_iplayer output. I'll try a few downloads to see what is downloaded, what is reported and how the options --raw, --audio-only, --subtitles, --subs-raw and --subs-embed (and their --no-… negated versions) all interact.

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