[INVALID] How do I install the latest release of get_iplayer?
I've just joined the forum and am pleased to see this message as I'm having the same trouble with Radio 3 programmes, so presumably I don't have the latest version of get_iplayer.  Would someone mind posting details of how to download the latest version?  I'm not very savvy, and afraid that if I do it wrong, I might not be able to access the programmes I already have downloaded. Do I need to delete the version I already have, or will that happen automatically? Many thanks in advance.
Please click the "Downloads" link at the top of the webpage and go to this link, choose the operating system you are using, download the executable file and you are good to go! Beware, some users report their antivirus software may block the installation program so you may need to pause your AV software for the installation.

Many thanks. I have (I think!) successfully installed the new version. However, I am no longer able to download any programmes, not just the Radio 3 ones! Perhaps something has changed, as I got the message "unknown option: aactomp3". (The formula I have been using for radio programmes is as follows:

--get_iplayer --pid=b0bgpssz --type=radio --aactomp3

Please could someone tell me if this needs to be changed?

Many thanks!
get_iplayer --pid=b0bgpssz

--type=radio is superfluous in this instance.

--aactomp3 was removed several releases ago.
Ah - many thanks! That seems to have done the trick.

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