Videos no longer downloaded after using "--subtitles-only --prefs-add --subs-mono"
Have used the command “--subtitles-only --get 123 --prefs-add --subs-mono”
to download single color subtitles of a program.  

Afterwards, videos are no longer downloaded even with the usual command of
“--subtitles --get 123”.  All I get was subtitles only.  

Previously I have downloaded subtitles without specifying mono color. get_iplayer still works to download videos afterwards.  The problem occurs only when single color subtitles are requested.

I have uninstalled and then reinstalled get_iplayer again. But still only subtitles are downloaded and videos are excluded.  Can anyone advise how to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.
Remove --subtitles-only from your preferences. --prefs-add applies to all options on the command line, except for some that are specifically excluded, e.g., --get.

Thanks for the quick response, but unfortunately still no videos.

Tried not to input subtitles in the command line and just type "get_iplayer --pid=123" What I get is still subtitles only, no videos. Is it because the program is previous command for subtitles only is stored in the program, or the download has been blocked by BBC?

Thank you.
The --pref-add command what to input for 'subtitles only' or 'mono subtitles'. It also shows location of the get_iplayer history files in my computer, which is the important part. I deleted all the history files in the directory and then re-install the program again. It is working now.

Thanks again for the advice. Really helpful.
For everyone else: This user apparently deleted the contents of their profile directory, including the options file where user preferences are stored. That solved the problem, but in a manner akin to how a sledgehammer solves the problem of swatting a fly. You never need to delete anything in your profile directory (generally a bad idea), nor do you need to reinstall, in order to manage preferences. When you accidentally add an option to your preferences, you only need to remove the unwanted option with get_iplayer. If you don't know how, it is in the docs.

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