What is the syntax for PVR search strings?
I can't find any reference to the syntax for the search string in the Web PVR List (the field "seach0" in the editor you get when you click on names).
[Image: http://i65.tinypic.com/10h6mom.jpg]

I assume that a "^" matches the start of the title, and a "$" the end.  

I have found empirically that I can shorten, for example, "^Have I Got News for You: Series 54$" to "^Have I Got News for You:" then it records all series as they occur.

What is the full syntax?  Can we use "*" as a wildcard, for instance?

How important is the $ marker? does it do anything other than force an exact title match?
"Searching for programmes" in docs. More generally, Google for info on regular expressions.

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