Why can't I find The Musketeers with a search in Web PVR?
I'm on version 3.14.0 on Windows 10 1803.

I see that "The Musketeers" is still available in the Drama category and I'd like to be able to search and then queue the episodes for download.

However, when I search for them by show name "Musketeers" there's nothing found.

If I copy the URL link for a single episode and paste it into "Quick URL" then I can then queue or record it but I can't get a list of episodes, tick them all and then record them.

Any way around this??????

No. This is covered in the FAQ list and the docs on searching.
If you search on the BBC iPlayer pages for "the Musketeers" you get the url:
which is the series pages for the programme. This lists all episodes.

You can put this into get_iplayer to get the pid list:

get_iplayer --pid-recursive-list --pid https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04ww8f...des/player


get_iplayer --pid-recursive-list --pid b04ww8fq
for short.

To download all episodes:

get_iplayer --pid-recursive --pid b04ww8fq

The key is usually to go to the BBC programme page.

A bit surprised Dinky didn't suggest that.

(17-07-2018, 07:32 PM)HarryVaderci Wrote: A bit surprised Dinky didn't suggest that.
What surprises me is you appear to be under the delusion that you are fit to pass judgement when all you've done is regurgitate information that I've already provided for everyone in the documentation.

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