MP4 conversion in 3.16 taking a long time?
I just bumped my system (Windows 10 1803 build) from 3.14 to 3.16, and downloaded "The Rise and Fall of Nokia" (PID b0b9kj80). The download worked, but the MP4 conversion from the original ts file seemed to take much longer than I've previously seen for similar size/duration program downloads?

Just using the fairly standard command prompt download ("get_iplayer --get nokia" in this case), nothing I've not done numerous times before. I tried it twice (using --force) and both did the same, fairly normal download and then took ages to convert.

From what I can see from the release notes nothing was changed in the ffmpeg/conversion side of things, but I wanted to confirm if anyone else has seen something like this. I accept it could be my machine getting tied up with something else in the background (it's an old netbook so not exactly a powerhouse, plus who knows what Win10 may be doing quietly behind the scenes), it just surprised me.

If logs etc are needed please let me know.
Just ran it here on 3.14.0 (The Pie version)
2 min to download
It produces a 2.3GB file
about 30secs to convert

What speed are you getting on the two versions ?
On 3.16.0 download in 11 minutes (with a couple of segment size errors) and conversion/tagging in about 7 minutes.

I'll downgrade to 3.14.0 later and try again - got an England footie match to watch first...
Downgraded back to 3.14 (installed over the top of 3.16), and whilst the download was quicker (7 mins) the conversion/tagging was even slower (10 mins).

So maybe it's my imagination (or the lack of power of this old machine), it just seems slower than it used to be last time I sat and did some downloading (normally it does batches overnight).

Anyway will keep an eye on it over the next couple of days, but could well be a false alarm.
I'm experiencing issues with downloading Proms shows, Prom 2 is an example b0b9w238. I've tried with 3.13 up to 3.16.

What I'm seeing is that the mp4 is produced and ffmpeg exits and get_player doesn't carry on to tag it, it just hangs.

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