[ANSWERED] --pid-recursive is redundant
Why is there a specific Recursive option?

If you use a series PID with the recursive option, then it gets the series (pre recent BBC changes)

If you use a non series PID with the recursive option, then it gets the single programme

Why differentiate between the standard pid and the recursive option?

Surely it would be more efficient to deprecate the recursive option, and apply the recursive methodology to all pid commands

Many thanks for your continued maintenance of this wonderful resource
Any thoughts from the developers?

I was hoping this suggestion would make the application easier to use, and possibly easier to maintain as it would remove redundant syntax

I agree, especially as I've had issues with --pid-recursive from time to time with some versions of get_iplayer.

Is it to stop people from accidentally downloading a whole series when they don't mean to? This must be an absolute fringe case, with far fewer affected than by --pid-recursive annoyances. If this is the case, I propose:

When programme PID detected:
Prompt Y/N input from user, unless pid-recursive is set (which would need to be used for scripts).

It would be a non-breaking change to existing users' scripts.

If we don't care about people accidentally downloading a whole series (who would do that?) then the entirety of pid-recursive is moot, and we don't even need a prompt as in above proposal.

Either change would help to streamline get_iplayer and remove complexity for new users.
I don't see the point in inverting the current operation.

If you give GiP a recursive pid it aborts telling you so. This gives you the option of finding the correct pid or adding the recursive parameter.

If Dinky thought it worthwhile to make such a (probably large) change he might have said so.
If you don't want to type the occasional extra keystrokes, just save --pid-recursive in your preferences and it will be picked up when you use a series/brand PID.