'Two Pints ......' Answer as Thread closed !!!

Original Thread closed, so I was unable to reply to your question regarding the meaning of 'Missing' !!!???

1.) 'Missing' means what it usually mean ..... something not there !!!

2.) I downloaded 'Two Pints ...." without '--Versions' set, as per my Original Post, got some episodes BUT not all episodes. Queried this on the Forum and saw the answer to the similar question/Original thread.

3.) I added '--Versions=audiodescribed' as per your instructions, expected to get all the missing episodes ... did not.!!!

4.) Used the longwinded method to get all the Unique Version Types as per my Original Posting.

5.) Used the Unique Version Types to set '--versions' to get the remaining missing episodes.

What did I do incorrectly ?

The BBC Programme Page for "Two pints ...." [https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006m8nj]
lists there are 77 Episodes, infact there are 79 when you go to the correct page !!!
You didn't follow my instructions for using --versions. Re-read my posts in the original thread.

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