Web PVR: panic: memory wrap at C:\...\get_iplayer.cgi line 290.
I'm seeing a lot of instances of the following error just recently.

panic: memory wrap at C:\Program Files (x86)\get_iplayer\get_iplayer.cgi line 290.

Line 290 falls in this block and is underlined for clarity

while (my $client = $server->accept()) {
my $procid = fork();
die "Cannot fork" unless defined $procid;
# Parent
if ( $procid ) {
close $client;
# must call waitpid() on Windows
if ( IS_WIN32 ) {
290 while ( abs(waitpid(-1, WNOHANG)) > 1 ) {}

Running on a Win 10-64 16GB RAM system that isn't responding oddly in any other ways.

I'm no Perl expert, which is why I'm asking for any thoughts on a possible cause or cure?PVR
Can't help with that one. Nobody has provided a way to reproduce it, and I doubt there is anything I could do except trap the error and kill the program, which is no improvement. Suffice it to say that the web pvr and Windows are not a good match. This is what I told the last person who reported it - the suggested workarounds may be of some use:

Plus: See similarly titled
Web PVR: panic: memory wrap at get_iplayer.cgi line 288
With the latest version, I am experiencing an unusually high number of cases with messages:

panic: memory wrap at C:\Program Files (x86)\get_iplayer\get_iplayer.cgi line 291.

any reasons why this would happen with the new version? the previous ones kept my web pvr manager happily chugging along for a couple of weeks or so without a hiccup. Now I get these messages daily, and have to restart get_iplayer.

thanks in advance!


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