PID in metadata
I saw in an old thread that it may be possible to extract the PID from the Metatdata, but when I display metadat using MediaInfo the Lyrics tag just shows a truncated description - is get_iplayer still recording teh URL in the metadata and if so what tag (schema/tag name) is used?

Here's the post:

My reason for asking was that I had omitted to update get_iplayer for a while and found that a lot of downloads were in SD rather than HD because of the dropping of the 25fps stream, so I wanted to create a list of affected PIDS so I can --force a new download.

Thanks for a brilliant product!
That sounds like a MediaInfo problem. Post an example so we can see what you are talking about.
Here is a recent download as shown in MediaInfo and MP3tag



Use a different view in MediaInfo. Tree view truncates the lyrics text.
Aha! Mucho gracias!