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Why doesn't Doctor Who box set appear in search results?


Hi there,

I've just installed get_iplayer on my mac and it has indexed. When I type

get_iplayer "Doctor Who"

It returns 2 epsiodes with "The Doctor Who Gave Up on Drugs" but none of the currently available Doctor Who's

If I type

get_iplayer ".*"

They also don't appear to be in the list.

Thanks in advance,



I was wondering the same thing. But I usually find that the programs that are exclusive to iPlayer ie they've not been broadcast in the last 7 days are rarely available for download, so I wasn't surprised when I didn't see them on the list.


Ah, thanks, that's probably it. Maybe the the 'first shown' is the deciding thing.

These were only added back yesterday I believe. Is there an option to search back further than first shown xx days ago?

There are 10 series, would be a pain to download by url.

Thanks again,



get_iplayer --info --pid b006q2x0  --pid-recursive > Desktop\list.csv
or whatever the equivalent is on a Mac.
(kill it after a few minutes as it goes on for an age).

Delete all bar lines 8 to 153.

Import list.csv into OpenOffice using comma as field separator.
Edit as required, and export as a .bat file to download by pid whichever episodes you want.

Not tested.


Anyone who wants to know why the Doctor Who box set doesn't show up in search results should read the docs. Anyone who wants to know how to get a list of the available episodes should also read the docs, though you will come across pretty much the same solution proffered by @GeoffSmith. I'm going to add an option in the next release to make that process a bit easier.

To follow up from Geoff, if you're on macOS or Linux you have some better tools to work with if you want to generate commands to download individual episodes.  For example:
get_iplayer --test --pid=b006q2x0  --pid-recursive | awk -F ", " '/^Doctor Who/ { print "get_iplayer --pid="$NF"  # "$0; fflush(stdout) }' | tee
Once the list of commands has been printed to the screen, kill with Ctrl-C. The file will contain a list of basic get_iplayer commands to download each episode individually by PID, which you can pick and choose from to build a shell script. Adjust to suit.


When I am searching for an episode using pid version in the command line it is working fine.
For example:
get_iplayer --pid=b0074dmp and it brings up "Doctor Who Series 1 The end of the world"

However I am usually using the PVR manager and it does not show up there using various search strings.
pid-search: b0074dmp
name+episode+description: The end of the world

Currently there is the entire archive of Doctor Who available and it rather tideous to download them one at the time typing in the pids manually.

I am using version 3.14.0 and also tried
get_iplayer --cache-rebuild --type=tv,radio
get_iplayer --refresh --type=tv,radio

Any ideas please?


You could use the command get_iplayer --pid=[programme pid] --pid-recursive

This will download all available programmes, and will skip duplicates.

You can also look this up in the excellent Guides section:

These forums are archived

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