get_iplayer credits
Looking at the CONTRIBUTORS file I see a lot of names. As far as I understand, @dinkypumpkin is the current maintainer. When I enter get_iplayer --info it states "Copyright (C) 2008-2010 Phil Lews" (the original author?).

I'm creating a mobile UI that wraps get_iplayer and would like to provide proper credit for the underlying get_iplayer tech. What's the most appropriate name to use? Space constraints mean I can't realistically add more than a couple of names, so my inclination is to use the current maintainer. Although this doesn't capture the full credit of everyone involved, it does maybe best represent who is responsible for the work right now. Something like this:


Could anyone suggest what would be most appropriate, or how best to capture the credit deserved.
Just cite Phil Lewis as the author. If I wanted any credit I wouldn't hide behind a ridiculous moniker. All the contributions after Phil can be viewed on GitHub, anyway.
Okay, sure; it's your call :) I've switched it t say Author: Phil Lewis + others
I should add, I'm all for ridiculous monikers!

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