[FIXED] LWP::Protocol::https not loaded prior to execution
For info:

the release notes for 3.14 say
"All non-core Perl modules used by get_iplayer (except those from Mojolicious) are now loaded when the get_iplayer script is compiled before execution."

I discovered that LWP::Protocol::https isn't loaded prior to execution, and the error message that it's absent only appears in the verbose log.

While I'm arguably entirely at fault because LWP::Protocol::https is listed as a requirement in the installation instructions, the statement in the release notes appears to be wrong.  For me, being fairly dumb (particularly late at night), and lazy the rest of the time, the best solution would be to load LWP::Protocol::https at compile time so that I discover that I've missed something right at the start.

Forgot about that one. It isn't directly imported in normal circumstances (it gets loaded via a factory method), but I'll stick it somewhere for next time. Maybe I'll surface LWP errors without --verbose as well, but so few users would ever see them. Still, the installation instructions are pretty explicit that you need that module. In the Debian universe you should get it automatically as a dependency of libwww-perl.
added in v3.15