get_iplayer for macOS 3.14.0 released
A macOS installer package for get_iplayer is now available.



The installer package is now the only supported method for installing get_iplayer on macOS, but you may of course wish to stick with your current method. There is no particular reason at this point to switch to the installer package if you have a working installation of get_iplayer 3.14  on your machine.  This is mainly for the benefit of new users and future releases.

There are three main differences between the installer package and previous installation methods:
  • You do not need to install Xcode command line tools, either manually or via Homebrew
  • You do not need to change the configuration of your shell environment
  • It includes a wrapper script to launch the Web PVR Manager from a command prompt
If you try out this new installer package and find any problems, report them in the macOS Troubleshooting forum so that any packaging issues can be ironed out before the next general release.

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