Web PVR: Add new fields to PVR searches with PVR List editor
I normally use the PVR and have a large list which works well. I have begun to realise a limitation though: some of my listed programs show blanks for columns such as "modes", "output" and "versionlist".   That does not prevent those recording, but if I go to try to edit one of those programmes, the blank fields don't show, and so I can't experiment with different options.
There may be a reason, but when in the edit screen why not display all PVR List fields?
I don't know the reason (before my time), but I can guess: it would be a PITA. The PVR List edit function will never be able to add new fields unless somebody implements that capability and takes the Web PVR off my hands. It's not really necessary, though. You can always create new PVR searches or re-create old ones with added/changed fields. So long as "Search", "Search in" and "Programme type" are the same, the generated file name will be the same and the old version will be overwritten. Clicking "Add Series" for a series already present in PVR List would have the same effect. And of course, you can directly edit PVR searches to you heart's content - they are merely text files.
OK, all understood, thanks. I'd overlooked/forgotten the ability to directly edit the PVR searches. That will do the job. Good luck with the job advert: not quite my area!

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