bad day to install get_iplayer?

I installed get_iplayer this morning, and everything seemed to go well until I ran it and saw this: INFO: 0 Matching Programmes.

I did a little poking around, and it seems it might not be me, but rather that the BBC iplayer site is experiencing problems. Any confirmation of this would be great : -)

Quote:We're fixing a problem that means some people can't access parts of @BBC Online. As soon as it's fixed we'll let you know.
— BBC iPlayer (@BBCiPlayer) July 19, 2014
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Thank you : -)
This Sunday morning, the index looks incomplete with only "Web only" programs available.
There are still issues:

Quote:We're sorry @BBCiPlayer & @bbccouk are not working for all users. We are working hard to fix the problem. Please bear with us.
— BBC iPlayer (@BBCiPlayer) July 20, 2014
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