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Can I disable tagging on .mp4 files as a command line option


Please excuse me if this has been asked before, but is there a command line option to disable any Tagging being added to files created by get_iplayer.

I use Plex (, and it does not work very well with the tags that are applied, would like an option to have no tags in the files, i.e. Metadata, when using get_iplayer.

I am using get_iplayer on Windows 10.


Just add --no-tag to the command you are using to download.

You can add this 'permanently' (until you delete the preference) by adding it to your options file with the following command:

get_iplayer --prefs-add --no-tag

That will mean you don't have to add the --no-tag command manually each time as it'll be applied automatically for you.


Thanks a lot for this.

There have been a few posts on the Plex Forum's about this issue, Plex looks at the metadata in the file, even if you tell it not to, and it does not work out well.

Any items that I download in future, will not have metadata that Plex makes a mess of, thanks again.


Aside from any problems there may be with Plex, if the analysis in the Plex forum was correct, that person appeared to be using a broken installation of get_iplayer. The string "get_iplayer" never appears as the tagged show name unless metadata retrieval fails, which can occur if your installation is broken (e.g., missing dependencies). It's a fallback value you can use to find files with metadata retrieval failures if you bang your files into iTunes or similar. If you have properly installed get_iplayer on Windows, that shouldn't happen to you.

These forums are archived

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