hash sum mismatch RPi 3.13
I have done a clean install of Raspbian 13March 2018 on a RPi 2B with 16GB SD card plus update and upgrade and update. When I use the script posted by hedgerows to install get_iplayer being "wget http://packages.hedgerows.org.uk/raspbian/install.sh -O - | sh" , all appears to go well but it does not complete and gives a Hash Sum mismatch. The expected file size is 138242 but the received file is 138234 and shows "Last modification reported: Wed, 11 Apr 2018 00:56:41 +0000"  Any fix available please?
should be working again.

(mini-dinstall is still breaking the repository intermittently, but I think I've got a usable workaround now).

Yes, working ok now. Many thanks for the immediate response.