[INVALID] long time to record/download?

I run get_iplayer in a Fedora virtual machine underneath a Fedora host. I flip flop between the github download and the version from the the Fedora repos - 3.13. A diff suggests these are exactly the same. Of late, I have noticed that downloading/recording is taking a lot longer than I previously experienced. I think this is since the start of April. I use the pvr facility for most of my downloads. 2 examples which occur around the same time (Friday night UK time):

Quote:pvrsearch = home
       fileprefix = <name> - <episode>
       modes = better
       search0 = home front - omnibus
       type = radio
       whitespace = 1

pvrsearch = iggy
       fileprefix = <name> - <episode>
       modes = best
       search0 = iggy
       type = radio
       whitespace = 1

The latest "Home Front" omnibus download has been running for approximately 8 minutes and I have received 8MB in the "audio.ts" file. The show is typically ~55MB and 56 minutes in length so I am guessing the download will take about that time also. Am I therefore right to understand that get_iplayer is actually recording a show rather than simply downloading a file?

Just curious. As long as I know what to expect then I am more than happy with this excellent & free application.

Neither we nor get_iplayer can help you with network speed and connectivity issues, especially outside the UK. Thread closed - see forum rules