Can you do a --pid-recursive search without downloading the programmes?
until around march 14th I was able to get a list of programs from podcasts by using the podcast home page pid

ie comedy of the week    pid p02pc9x6

get_iplayer pid=p02pc9x6 >c:\podcast.txt

and redirect the output to a text file I would then manually output each program to a

get_iplayer --get programname
and download all instances of that program available

however since march 14th 2018 that hasn't worked and now just returns

INFO: 'p02pc9x6' is a series or brand PID for 'Comedy of the Week' - add the --pid-recursive option to retrieve available episodes
INFO: 0 total programmes

in the text file

it used to return a list of the programs as I say.

If I remember rightly there was a change to GIP in mid march after a change in the BBC's system.

is it now doing it this way because of the bbc or was it a change you added?

if I add the --pid-recursive option it will create the list but it does also download the current programs

I have automated my podcast downloads with batch files and schedules which is why I am asking
Add --test to skip downloads.
excellent, cheers