[DONE] Add programme credits to metadata file
The metadata download is a great jump start for creating Plex .nfo files.

However, not all the episode data is included, and I currently add it manually, copying from the iplayer website, and pasting to .nfo files.

It would be great if the download also included:

1. <director> (=Plex 'Directors')

2. <credits>  (=Plex 'Writers')

3. <actor>    (=Plex 'Cast')
Sorry, but it's a no from me. I've considered it before, but I'm not willing to support what you are looking for. I would entertain a pull request for a feature that worked like track lists (plain text with an option to add to metadata tag), but that's it. Besides, for your purposes get_iplayer would only get in the way. Just download the credits directly (https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/<pid>/credits.inc for TV programmes, not available for many radio programmes) and parse them together with the existing get_iplayer metadata file to produce a .nfo file.
Actually your also get a text-only basic credit list for Radio drama using

thanks for the tip dinky!
Sorry - I should have said "not available for many radio programmes". For most radio programmes you probably wouldn't care, but there is a bunch of 4 Extra programmes without credits that would be nice to have. Credits for some of those older programmes can be found on the BBC Genome site, though.
Thanks for that URL Dinky, I wasn't aware of it.

The tracklist type option sounds good.

I'm a noobie; I only learned about the existence of XLS this week, and had fun and games struggling to work out how to install xlstproc.

Now I need to go away and learn how to parse!
Standalone programme credits download implemented in v3.14
Super duper!
That was quick - many thanks