No programme listings on startup as in v3.06 and earlier
I'm not getting any programme listings on start up (which it used to do, also using command get_iplayer doesnt list tv programmes.
I have updated from 3.12 to 3.13 and done the --refresh and

get_iplayer --refresh
get_iplayer --refresh --type=all nothing

it's not also listing all current programmes of a particular Tv series even though they are there on the bbc iplayer site

No idea what is going on or wrong
had the BBC broken it again
Why did you post this in feature requests? I'm moving it to the Windows 'General' forum.

Also, the behaviour you are experience is expected and correct.

For why, read the release notes:
sorry didn't realise it was in wrong form

I'm also getting this trying to download using --pid

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You appear to be using get_iplayer on an unsupported platform (XP) with a poor internet connection. We can't help you with either of those. Thread closed - see forum rules.