PVR Scheduler doesn't update the cache if it has already been updated
Up until last week my PVR Scheduler updated the cache ever 4 hours before searching for my programme for download. It has now stopped doing this, so nothing is downloading. I have today updated to version 3.13.0 but the problem persists. Here is a screenshot of what is happening with the following command, on Windows 10 :

get_iplayer_pvr.cmd --verbose


Any suggestions how I can get it to work again? Or can I somehow schedule an update to run while PVR is also running in the background?
It won't refresh it again at startup if you have already done so within the past 4 hours.
A-ha ... that makes sense now. Presumably I fixed the problem when I did get_iplayer --refresh ... I just jumped the gun because there was no way to test it until 4 hours later. Still, it probably did no harm to update to the latest version as well.

All is working fine again now. Thanks for the quick response and your help.
This thread needs to be marked SOLVED, but I can't find where to do it.
It doesn't (no remedy was required), and you can't.

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