3.13 Not installing on Windows 10 x64
Not sure if anyone else is having this issue but when I launch the installer, nothing happens. I still have the old installers and they jump into life with an Elevation prompt and off they go.

Bug or my pc?

It installed correctly on my Windows 10 x64 PC (latest version: 1709): I ran the installer as administrator, whereupon Windows Defender Smart Screen warned me it was an unrecognized application; I clicked 'more info' and 'Run Anyway', accepted the UAC prompt, and the installer ran successfully.
Installed OK here on top of 3.12 not even as admin, latest 10 x64
Must be my pc. Looks like a couple of dism commands coming up!

Thanks guys
I ended up installing it on a VM and then dragging the files across. Strange it won't launch.
I had the same thing. First time I've seen the Windows Defender Smart Screen warning. I carried on and installed anyway.

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