Year tag includes date and time, can it be YYYY only?
Hi, I've looked at but not sure I've identified the right one.

For some time now, MP3Tag (and dbPoweramp and Windows properties) reads the year of radio programs recorded by get_iplayer as including date and time. For example 2013-09-03T18:30:00+01:00 and 2012-01-25T11:30:00Z.

Editing each one to be just year YYYY is a tad manual - is there a preference I can add so the year is only saved as the year without date and time?
No, but feel free to implement one and submit a pull request.
Thanks for reply - I was with you up to the word "but" ;)

Seriously, it's good to know this is the actual behaviour, not that I fouled something up. Unfortunately, implementing anything is way over my skillset.

Did it not used to be just YYYY in the Year tag? I don't recall having to edit years when I started to use get_iplayer but then again could be memory at fault.
No. There is no need to do that - applications decide how to handle the date value. The full timestamp triggers iTunes to display a release date, while it still displays the year separately. Windows Explorer, iTunes, VLC, and others only use the year, and they generally only allow you to enter year values when editing, perhaps to maintain compatibility with ID3 in MP3 files. Mp3Tag is primarily a tag editor, so you would expect it to be more capable and display full field values.
Ah, right. I just checked and in MP3Tag (and dbPoweramp) I see the full timestamp in Year. But in WMP, it just uses the Year. In JRiver, it looks as if it parses the timestamp into Date (DD/MM/YYY HH:MM) and then also uses Year YYYY.
Thanks for your clarification - it saves me doing the unnecessary edit!

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