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no media streams for PID b09w4403 (Coast 02/03/2018)


For some of the Coast series I'm getting
WARNING: No media streams found for requested programme versions and recording modes.

The command
get_iplayer --pid b09w4403 --info
returns some info, but no "modes" at all.

Anyone else seeing this?


get_iplayer cannot download programmes that are not available via iPlayer.


I don't know how to explicitly discover that a prog (PID) is not downloadable from iPlayer.

I can't find (with a reasonable amount of searching) b09w4403 on the iPlayer web, but that's not conclusive that it's not downloadable.

So I looked at one other prog that was not downloading (b00kcp18, "Copper") and I found:
which does say "sorry this episode is not downloadable".

So 2 questions arising ...

1) it seems that get_iplayer cannot recognise that "sorry this episode is not downloadable" and continues to hold the prog as available in the schedule - correct?

(I'm not trying to assign 'blame', just to understand the mechanism.)

2) are there progs (like b09w4404 Coast 2/3/18) that the BBC drops somehow but which remain in the get_iplayer schedule/cache?   If so, can I somehow flush them?


Firstly as user-2 has said, if it ain't on BBC iPlayer then get_iplayer can't download it.

As far as I can make out EVERY programme broadcast by the BBC is given a PID. Occasionally there are programmes that the BBC won't make available on iPlayer, often this is due to rights issues. Some films fall into that category.

When I get a download error, I do an --info and if it's telling me that it's not available for whatever reason, I check the relevant entry for the programme either in the programme schedule page or the iPlayer page.

If you're keen on not missing a particular programme, check in advance of the broadcast - in that case, I would suggest using your VCR/DVD-recorder/PVR/whatever and record it. It's not the first time that a programme has been part of a series where downloads are possible but when it comes to the day, it's not available.. and no warning either! On querying with the BBC, the response has typically been "rights issues"

These forums are archived

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