Web PVR: search failed to find results, download attempt failed
I've recorded a few programs but "Search " doesn't seem to work properly now.

I'm not at all sure I'm doing it right.
I find the instructions very unclear.

When I open the program, there are thousands of titles listed. None of interest.
If I get a pid eg b09sc7yj from the bbc site, search for it, by pid, it doesn't find anything.
If I search with a word from the title of the series, eg "Incredible" it doesn't find anything.
Most search terms find the first episode only and not the later 2.
It's a matter of pot luck trying to find a search term that comes back with what I'm looking for.

From Ice to Fire: The Incredible Science of Temperature

What am I doing wrong?

I just entered Attenborough.
It finds 3 programs. Ok I want to download them.
click the tickboxes, Record - nothing happens.

What do these terms mean?
  1. Record
    Add Search to PVR
    Refresh cache
(16-03-2018, 09:37 PM)Chrisr Wrote: What do these terms mean?
  1. Record
    Add Search to PVR
    Refresh cache

Thankyou Geoff .

I am starting from a "Web PVR Manager" shortcut in W10.

I have already tried several times to understand the material at the link you gave.
That is what I referred to as instructions.
It uses a lot of unexplained terms, which is why I find it, as I said, unclear. It is possible to infer several possible meanings and I don't know for sure which is intended.

I have done what I think it means, and it doesn't appear to work, as explained above.
Therefore it is not possible to confirm my understanding.

I have reread, tried again, and get the same results.

Therefore I asked: what I might be doing wrong?
I dearly love get_iplayer and use it everyday, but I understand your confusion because it  does have a lot of options. I use the Web PVR for virtually all my iPlayer recordings and only use the command line version for non-iPlayer media, events such as Glastonbury, etc. This is how I use get_iplayer, I hope that it will help you.

Start the Web PVR Manager, once it's started minimize it to the Task Bar.

Open you favourite web browser, anything but Edge, and go to http://localhost:1935 or

Top menu: Search, search for programmes. Recordings, list recorded programmes. PVR List, list and edit programmes set up for future recordings. Run PVR, run the software PVR.

The opening page is the 'Search' page. On installation, the only 'Programme type' selected to search on is TV, if you want to search and record Radio as well, tick Radio and click 'Save as Default'.

Click on 'Refresh Cache' to update the programme cache. This is the data that get_iplayer searches on and where the programmes listed at the bottom of the page come from. In order for get_iplayer to find or do anything, the programme cache must be up to date. You can sort the programme list by clicking on the column headings. I keep mine sorted in date order, newest first.

The 'Actions'. Record, Queue and Add Series all record a programme, but in different scenarios.
Record immediately records of a programme. Click on Record and get_iplayer will open a new web page and record the selected programme. Queue and Add Series work with the software PVR. Queue adds a programme to the PVR list for a 'one time' record. Once the programme has been recorded, the programme is deleted from the PVR list. Add Series adds the programme to the PVR list for 'series' record and it remains in the PVR list until you manually delete it.

PVR List lists the programmes set up for future recording with the software PVR. Use this page to edit or delete PVR records.

Run PVR runs the software PVR which searches the cache for programmes set up in the PVR list and if they're found, records them.

Advanced Search, Display, Columns, Recording, Streaming.
As far as I know, any options set here apply only to recordings made using the Web PVR and the settings are only stored in the browser. Use 'Save as Default' to save your default settings and use Apply Settings if you want to override your defaults for a particular recording. I use 'Override Recordings Folder' to point get_iplayer to where I store my media files.

I run get_iplayer on a PC running Linux, Ubuntu 17.10. This PC is mainly used as the 'house server' and we use it store all our media and shared data. get_iplayer is left running on the PC all day and recordings are stored along with other media files in shared folders. I run Serviio on the PC to stream media to the TV and other devices and a Raspberry Pi running Volumio to get audio into the Hi-Fi.
Thanks Gi99, I appreciate the time you took.

Most of that is what I'd assumed. Therefore I'm back toi where I came it, some things aren't working.

If I can download/watchit with iplayer, then I should be able to use this s/w to get it, right? The reason to use this is that the time limit can be taken off it.

These two pids aren't found in the search.
And, there are three programs with the word Temperature in the title, Helen S's seris. The second episode, doesn't want to get found.

Also I con't get it to re-download. It knows it's already downloaded a file & it won't do it again eeven if I delete the file and the entry..??
This problem is probably related to the fact that BBC has changed its listing format (again) and get_iplayer is currently unable to update its cache, so that most recent programmes are not being found. See https://forums.squarepenguin.co.uk/showt...p?tid=1707. A new version of get_iplayer is on its way, so it's probably best to wait for a day or two and then try again.

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